Eternal – Always and Forever

Aside from fancying Louise Nurding (now Redknapp), I remember Eternal as one of the most eternalsuccessful groups of the 90’s. With their debut album they had a string of hits and I had it on tape but finally picked it up on CD. Their blend of RnB and pop has that Britishness that always manages to stand out from American groups.  I don’t know how well the sound translates to new ears some 20 years later as the distinctive 90’s beats and rhythms dominate this album, but it is still very listenable with some great songs and powerhouse vocal performances.  If you like En Vogue or SWV then you are in the right place for Eternal. Following Louise’s departure they continued as a trio then eventually a duo, however it’s their debut album that finds a place in my collection.

Standout Track: Save Our Love


The KLF – The White Room

Sometimes I listen to an album not just for the music, but for the story of it’s creation to the_klf_the_white_roomcapture the feeling behind it.  It helps if it’s interesting and if burning £1M in cash doesn’t pique your interest then nothing will!  It’s difficult to know how far to push your tongue into your cheek. The White Room imitated the mainstream but at the same time produced something subversive and distinctive in its own right.  The collector in me has been keeping an eye out for the original 1991 CD release and I picked up a copy in good condition for a really cheap price.  There’s something about the concept of an original release that can be important as track listings and mixes can differ in later versions, so losing the intention of the artist.  Listen to the trance pop beats and go read about The KLF.  Its an interesting story…

Standout track:  No More Tears