The Academic / Sea Girls – Live!

Went to The Garage in North London last week to see The Academic with Sea Girls in support.  Having never seen either band before I’d usually have checked them out on the net first, but throwing caution to the wind I thought I’d just see what they were like on the night.  Planting myself close to the front I wasn’t disappointed by either! As with most guitar bands the music hits harder than on record and their great tunes just shone through.  sea girlsFirstly Sea Girls were totally brilliant. Henry Camamile has one of those voices that has a wonderfully deep tone to it.  It is distinctive yet feels familiar, maybe because along with the music it felt very evocative of the 80’s music I love.  With a support band your never quite sure what they are going to be like so I was surprised that I liked them a lot. I would have happily let them do another half hour!  The Academic were equally as good making the night even better delivering a set full of energy and loud guitars. It just shows how good bands are that are out there and you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a brilliant night, providing you can live with screaming teenagers highlighting how old you actually are!  I’d never been to The Garage either and its a great sized venue and really easy to jump on the Tube afterwards.  The Sea Girls don’t yet have an album but have a few EP’s you can get but you can pick up The Academic’s album Tales from the Backseat now. Go check out both bands!

academic 1