Kanye West – The College Dropout

I like hip hop and rap but I don’t really download any artists albums, although I do have kanyeseveral individual tracks from artist like Kanye West. I like the tone of his voice and the rhythm of his delivery which are obviously important elements to rap, but hip hop artists are diverse and different styles don’t appeal in the same way.  There are some interesting tracks on this album but the problem for me is that after a while it just gets boring. With albums you do get duff tracks but listening to 40 minutes of this album it just starts to get a bit dull. Maybe I haven’t found the right hip hop album yet but there are more coming on the bucket list. I enjoyed bits of it but was kinda glad when it finished.

Standout track : The New Workout Plan

Keep or delete? Delete. Sorry Kanye.


Plan B – The Defamation of Strickland Banks

I can’t believe I have only just picked this album up. Of course I had heard the singles She 220px-The_Defamation_Of_Strickland_BanksSaid and Prayin’ but I never thought to buy the album. It’s a great mix of Northern Soul and urban hip hop. If you think of the current grime artists but with a smoother soulful backdrop then you are getting close to Plan B. Having always been a fan of soul and RnB the music is definitely my kind of sound. This is just another example of when you can miss albums or artists that you can really get into.  Definitely worth picking up if soul is your thing providing you dont mind the rap side of things. He now has a new album out too which you can check out here.

Standout track: The Recluse