Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

Their name was the  first thing that attracted my attention – I love interesting band names! I’ve been meaning to mention Wolf Alice for a while after seeing them live, which wasWolf-Alice-art- totally brilliant. Ellie Rowsell is one of those performers you can’t take your eyes away from as she lets rip her dynamic vocals with the occasional lupine snarl. Their latest album rubs punk-infused ire alongside Prog-rock expansiveness. It’s one of those albums where you can just enjoy musicianship that takes you from one place to another.  Seeing them live just sealed it for me and they are now one of my favourite bands. This year also sees them nominated for a well deserved Mercury Music Prize. I am now getting into the deluxe version of their first album My Love is Cool but Visions is a brilliant album and if you can catch them live then go!

Standout track : Beautifully Unconventional


The Big Moon – Live!

So The Big Moon are now officially my new obsession.  I already posted about their debut album on this blog post but this week  I saw them live at the Boileroom and they were fantastic!  They were clearly having a great time and so were we.  Sound at this venue was brilliant and did justice to their performance. Juliette is a very charismatic frontwoman and its great to see bands that just completely own their songs as well as the stage.

Special mention also to Get Inuit. A great set from them as well and again all the better for their brilliant frontman, Jamie Glass.  Check them out here.

I cant stop listening to Love In The 4th Dimension and it gets better with every listen. Check out The Big Moon here , buy the album and go see them play!  (Is that enough gushing for ya?)

Photo by kind permission of Ramble On Records

big moon

Bastille – Bad Blood

I am trying to put my finger on what makes Bastille sound so anthemic.  This album has Bastille_-_Bad_Bloodtwo main elements for me and if you have ever heard the single Pompeii you will be familiar with both of them.  The pounding drums and drum fills create an atmosphere of building triumph in many of the songs, regardless of their lyrical content.  But I think without the distinctive vocals this anthemic quality would not seem as marked.  Dan Smiths voice is never drowned out by the music and his lifting style just holds you in anticipation of what he is singing.  This was a good album for a Monday morning tube ride, even though it was my first listen.

Standout track: Icarus

The Killers – Hot Fuss

After one of my regular trips to the local charity shop I have gone from the cutting edge of my last post to being late to the party with this 2004 debut. I have some of their singles Hot-Fussbut have never got any of their albums, and one of the reasons for grabbing this one was the popularity of Mr. Brightside at two 21st birthday parties I have DJ’ed this year. Considering the birthday girls in question would have been eight years old in 2004 I though it’s endurance must make Hot Fuss worth a go. Maybe the upsurge in 80’s sounding tunes of the last few years started around this time, with the synthy salutations to the indie band sound of that era, also typified by the urgency in Brandon Flowers vocals.  I wanted to like this album a lot, but unfortunately I only like it a bit.

Standout track: All These Things That I’ve Done

The Big Moon – Love in the 4th Dimension

I was watching TV the other night and a programme came on showcasing the nominees for the 2017 big moonMercury Music Prize. One band immediately caught my attention so this morning I listened to the previews on iTunes, got to the fifth track and decided it was a definite purchase. This debut album reminds me a lot of Britpop band Sleeper who I also really like. Sleeper’s lead singer Louise Wener wrote some really lyrically interesting songs which also contained catchy guitar hooks. Not to say that The Big Moon sound like a dated 90’s band. but they have a similarly pleasing and very enjoyable mix of guitars and lyrics.  They sound like they had a lot of fun recording this and I get a feeling they will be great to see live so will definitely check out their next London dates.

Standout track: Pull The Other One

Haim – Something To Tell You

Finally got to see Haim live last night!  To celebrate their new album they held a a special one-off gig at the Electric Ballroom in London, and it was fantastic! Definitely one of my Haim_Album-Cover-Somethingfavourite shows ever, and the album  is pretty great too. It continues to blend indie rock, pop and RnB with their unique harmonies making a sound that is their own.  I like a band whose music isn’t easily defined because you get interesting albums like this with tracks that mix up and cross genres. It means you get an album with a cohesive sound that you can identify without a bunch of same-sounding tracks.  I also liked the breezy feel that their debut album had, maybe because of it’s sunshine Californian heritage, something that this album retains.  Make sure you also listen to the percussion and melodies – just great!

Standout track: Walking Away

KT Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope

On the way to work this morning I didn’t want somethingEyetothetelescope too raucous but at the same time not to slow and sleepy, and this album is just what I needed.  The debut album from KT Tunstall has a mellow feel even with the faster tempo songs on it.  It manages to retain an acoustic sound although it has a variety of other instruments.  KT has an almost bluesy and at times soulful voice which complements the guitar-based sound in a really distinctive way.    The songs are just great to listen to and its just an album that is really listenable. Another great Scottish export!

Standout track: Stoppin’ the Love