Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Balcony

catb balconyWhen you don’t listen to the radio much new music can be hard to get into. Sometimes you listen to an album and something clicks.  I have had a few like that and end up loving them.  I want to like Catfish and the Bottlemen primarily because its a great name for a band. Also all the track names on The Balcony are one word titles which is a very satisfying thing. As music goes The Balcony has a lot of guitars and driving drums and is a great listen.  At the moment though nothing has clicked yet that would make this a go to album or band. It will stay on my iPod for now at least and I have their second album to listen to as well.  Definitely one to play when I fancy a bit of rock, but not a fave quite yet.

Standout Track : Sidewinder