Bastille – Bad Blood

I am trying to put my finger on what makes Bastille sound so anthemic.  This album has Bastille_-_Bad_Bloodtwo main elements for me and if you have ever heard the single Pompeii you will be familiar with both of them.  The pounding drums and drum fills create an atmosphere of building triumph in many of the songs, regardless of their lyrical content.  But I think without the distinctive vocals this anthemic quality would not seem as marked.  Dan Smiths voice is never drowned out by the music and his lifting style just holds you in anticipation of what he is singing.  This was a good album for a Monday morning tube ride, even though it was my first listen.

Standout track: Icarus


Bastille – Wild World

Dan Smith has such an unmistakable voice. It seems that whatever the song his vocals just lift it, whether its an Wild_World_album_coverupbeat dance track or lower key song.  Maybe its a result of Dan writing all the songs himself, a possible subconscious attitude with an air of positivity seeping into each one. Bastille have a great sound combining a synth sound with guitars and drums creating songs that are meaningful rather than just throwaway pop.  Some albums can sound too repetitive if the band has a particular style, but I don’t feel it with Wild World.  I didn’t know what I wanted to listen to today and just scrolled through my recently added albums, and it wasn’t a bad way to suffer the trains after a long weekend.

Standout track :  Good Grief, mainly for the “Weird Science” soundbites!