Haim – Something To Tell You

Finally got to see Haim live last night!  To celebrate their new album they held a a special one-off gig at the Electric Ballroom in London, and it was fantastic! Definitely one of my Haim_Album-Cover-Somethingfavourite shows ever, and the album  is pretty great too. It continues to blend indie rock, pop and RnB with their unique harmonies making a sound that is their own.  I like a band whose music isn’t easily defined because you get interesting albums like this with tracks that mix up and cross genres. It means you get an album with a cohesive sound that you can identify without a bunch of same-sounding tracks.  I also liked the breezy feel that their debut album had, maybe because of it’s sunshine Californian heritage, something that this album retains.  Make sure you also listen to the percussion and melodies – just great!

Standout track: Walking Away


Haim – Days Are Gone

Haim_-_Days_Are_GoneI missed seeing Haim last time they were in the UK as they sold out pretty quickly.  Not surprising as their live shows are notoriously great!    I think Haim have a very distinctive sound and whether they like it or not there is a touch of Fleetwood Mac in some of their songs.  Their varying style and vocal harmonies are what makes this album work so well.  You can tell their influences stretch wide, with RnB, Rock and Pop sounds running through.  Some tracks are great pop tunes while others go in other directions.  The prospect of a new album might mean they come back to the UK soon and this time i’ll be looking to book earlier.  On an unrelated note, I did my first proper street run this morning (ie: not in a gym).  Picking today when I was very tired might have been a mistake – it was.

Standout Track :  If I Could Change Your Mind does it for me every time.