U2 – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

I have always liked U2 but never enough to really invest in their albums. I owned the U2_-_How_to_Dismantle_an_Atomic_Bomb_(Album_Cover)Joshua Tree once but other than that I mainly listen to their singles that I like.  I probably bought this on the strength on Vertigo, and it is my favourite track on this.  The thing about bands that have been around a while is that their musicianship shows through so the music just sounds good.  The Edge’s guitar is always great to listen to and this album is a consummate rock album.  Its a good album to listen to on the tube, as you can almost zone out of the vocals and just enjoy the music.  The instruments all seem to have room to breathe and not be overwhelmed by production.  The fact that I can’t say any more probably sums up my attitude to U2 albums!!

Standout track: Vertigo