Sandi Thom – Smile… It Confuses People

Sandi Thom became what is referred to as an “internet sensation” in 2006 when she streamed live over 21 nights from her basement flat.  I was unaware of theSmile...It_Confuses_People_cover controversy that overshadowed this publicity and led to her getting a lot of flak, but I was more interested in her debut album as I loved the title and the debut single that went to number one.  She reminded me of KT Tunstall as apart from them both being Scottish female singer/songwriters they both have a guitar-based folk-ish sound with catchy hooks.  As a debut album I think the lyrics aren’t as mature as KT’s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s quite a short album for the morning tube ride but its upbeat and a nice listen.  Sandi is one of those artists that I should really catch up with to check out her her newer stuff.

Standout track: Little Remedy