Sleeper – Live!

20190413_204256044_iOS.jpgDespite loving their music I was a little late to the party to ever see them live in the 90’s so the opportunity to do so some twenty odd years later was too good to miss.  You may have noticed how much I gush over The it Girl album so it was a must-see gig.  Better still, their new album The Modern Age is brilliant too so that made it more exciting!

First support were a band I’d never heard before, Thyla. They were brilliant! So much so at the the end of their set I whipped out my phone and downloaded their new EP “What’s On Your Mind“. I won’t say much more now as I’m likely to be listening to it on repeat so i’m pretty sure they’ll end up in a post of their own. Second support were the Supernaturals. I was never a big fan of them in the 90’s but I do remember a few of their songs. They were good but not a highlight for me.

Finally Sleeper graced the stage for their last night of their UK tour.  It didn’t matter what they kicked off with but as soon as the keyboard hook boomed and the guitar riff kicked in for Nice Guy Eddie we were off! Mixing new songs with old, their energy was unstoppable.


I would be happy to see them play whole of The it Girl from start to finish (twice) but there was enough of that album in the set list to satisfy, including Factor 41, which I didn’t expect to hear.  The new tracks sounded brilliant, the only omission for me being Car Into The Sea, but I am not complaining by any means.  It was a Sleeper party to dream of and Blondie’s Atomic spliced with Love Will Tear Us Apart, complete with disco balls, ramped it up even more.


It was one of those concerts that you wished wouldn’t end just yet. The highlights for me were Statuesque (I flippin’ love that track!) and The Modern Age. Louise seemed overwhelmed by the response from the crowd who were having a whale of a time seeing them perform.  The band were on point, delivering what the crowd wanted with confidence and fun.  I’m pretty sure they loved it as much as we did so hope that means they will be back soon, because given the chance I will be there.



Sleeper – The it Girl

Alongside Blur and Oasis there were numerous other Britpop bands, of which Sleeper were one of the best.   This album is there finest in my opinion and is a brilliant220px-Sleeper_-_The_It_Girl_album_cover collection of songs.  It is intelligently written and has the classic 90’s Britpop sound of catchy melodies and jangly guitar riffs.  Louise Wener has one of those wonderfully distinctive voices that purrs the lyrics with a slight huskiness.  This is a great album to listen to, particularly on a sunny day like today.  Some are the tracks are less than 3 minutes, so you get that “hit and run” feeling, where the songs just arrive, do what they gotta do and bang, they’re gone. Sadly I never got to see them live, but I might get the chance now they have reformed earlier this year.  If you have never checked out Sleeper this is a great album to start with.

Standout track: Statuesque