The Saturdays – Chasing Lights

Pop music is often snobbily dismissed as not being “real” music, but I disagree. A well The_Saturdays_Chasing_Lights_(Album_Cover)crafted pop record is as good as any brooding rock band track. One of the best girl bands are The Saturdays and to my mind they haven’t received the level of acclaim that other groups like Little Mix have.  Their debut album is a brilliant pop album and there really isn’t a bad track on it.  From the catchy dance tracks to the ballads they aren’t throwaway fluff. They have decent lyrics that have some depth and carry some emotion in them.  Yes, it is pop so don’t expect political assertions or such like but it is great pop, and Chasing Lights is up there with the best pop albums and I never get tired of listening to it.

Standout track:  Chasing Lights